Books on Writing

When I first started writing romance and fantasy, I was a novice in almost every way. I needed help, to say the least. I wished for a nice clean list of what I could read to learn to be a better writer. I read blogs and magazines, scoured bookshelves, and asked my few writerly acquaintances for recommendations. This is the result of my gleanings, my list of favorite writing books, the ones that came to me at exactly the moment I needed them and therefore had an enormous impact. They’re all great books, but if my list doesn’t float your boat, or if, when you read them, they don’t sing for you, look into other titles on similar subjects or by these authors. The links for these books take you to their Goodreads pages except for the first one, GMC, which takes you to Debra Dixon’s website.

Without further ado, and in no particular order (because that was my journey, and this one is yours), here you go. Enjoy.