Meagan WattsHi, I’m Meg. I’m a book junkie, especially if the book has lots of love & at least a little magic. Though I’ve traveled a bit here & there, I still live in the same Oregon town where I grew up. I have one handsome husband, two goofy Cardigan Welsh Corgis, three intelligent, beautiful, marvelous kids, & a handful of excellent friends.

Though I’ve been telling stories since my sticky finger days, I started writing romances out of frustration & hubris. A romance novel I really wanted to like turned out to be rather badly written. I decided I could do better, & began a tale about a forbidden kiss & the fantasy world where it took place. (That one is coming one of these days.) I was so proud of my ten pages of exposition that I took them to a local critique group I found online. Let’s just say…they were not nearly as impressed as I expected them to be! Heh. That was almost a decade ago, & I’ve learned a lot since then.

When I’m not writing I’m usually reading, making quilts, or managing the Watts Household as CEO, CFO, & Gopher Extraordinaire. I like Oregon blackberries, Marvel movies, hand-painted fans, & Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheerios, the most superior cereal ever created (in my opinion).

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