My current project is a series of five romance stories set in fictional Maple Creek, Oregon, a small town in the lush Willamette Valley, and five young women now living there who met and bonded while attending the same college. Each one has a very special gift that has always been a secret. But the time has come for each of them to risk their hearts by sharing their secrets with the men they love. Can these ladies find lasting love? Or will they only find out their men think they’re crazy?

Ellie has just inherited a house and two rambunctious corgi puppies from her recently deceased Grandma Ruby, the only member of Ellie’s family who ever believed in her. She has a moldering degree in Fine Arts and parents who think she’s a flake. She’s also a Precog who occasionally has seizures instead of visions of the future.

Sabine is a competitive real estate agent, a sharp-dressing, sharp-mouthed red-head who also happens to be a Medium able to channel a dozen voices at once.

Georgiana–George–is working as a vet assistant while she finishes her veterinary education. She’s a Touch Sensitive, but only with animals, and she likes her job because of all the juicy human gossip she hears every day.

Leilani is a blond bombshell raised by her Hawaiian godparents. She’s also a chemist and a Telekinetic, and she likes to invent new adult beverages for poker night at Ellie’s house.

Zoe is an extremely strong Empath, a preschool teacher who was homeschooled herself until the age of eighteen, when she’d finally learned enough shielding from her mentors to tolerate being out in the world.

These five friends have lived with secrets their whole lives. They’ve been bullied, hidden, or shunned by various members of their families and communities. Now they’re adults, strong women who support each other against all odds, including encouraging them to share their deepest secrets with their handsome, sexy men. Will their men find the courage to love them in spite of their unusual abilities? Will they embrace every facet of their women and live happily ever after?

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